Located at the Northern side and often considered as the head in Myanmar map, both Putao city and MyitkyiNa city are located in the Kachin State. It is also the closest neighboring state to China, as well as the land of famous Myanmar Jade.

Putao is the northernmost town of the Kachin state, and it is indeed a small and scenic place lying in the Himalayan foothills. It is also the only place in Myanmar where you will be able to find snow-covered mountains and they offer a different/more advanced hiking/trekking as well as rafting options. Downsides are it is not budget friendly, and then some attractions are strictly prohibited to foreign tourists, but there still are a lot of fun things to do and explore around this city!

As the capital of the Kachin State, Myitkyina is the busiest city amongst Kachin State, and considered as the business hub of the state as well. Geographically, this city is a land of opportunity for businesses between China and India, and even has a connecting road to these two countries.

Other than that, you will be in awe to see how the city is diversifying in cultural, ethnic and religious ways. There, you will able to discover and understand a closer look and feel of Kachin’s way of lives through their culture, and food in Myitkyina. The main attraction here is the start of the nation’s most significant commercial waterway as well as the largest river, Irrawaddy. It is a picturesque spot with pebbles all around.

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