Hsi Paw

A charming and laid back town located high in the hills of Shan State, Hsipaw’s quiet streets, traditional buildings, and trekking opportunities make it worth the effort of getting there. You can get there by 4 hr drive from Pyin Oo Lwin or take the train ride crossing through the famous Goteik Viaduct.

Hsipaw also has a refreshingly mild climate and numerous shrines nearby, including the atmospheric collection of pagodas to its north, dubbed little Bagan, a huge Chinese cemetery, and a hilltop pagoda with great views over the river valley. Located just to the north of town is the historically significant Shan Palace, residence of the last prince of Hsipaw. The building is usually closed in the rainy season and visiting hours are restricted. You can go sightseeing to the waterfalls, fresh water pools and rock formations of the surrounding hills. And it is interesting to witness the rural lives of local farmers in their paddy fields and banana plantation.

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