Goteik Viaduct

One of Burma’s most stunning man made marvels built by the colonial British, Goteik Viaduct is a spectacular railway bridge over 100 meters above the ground and nearly 700 meters long. Constructed by British colonialists in 1901, Goteik was once the longest railway trestle in the world. Stretching 689 meters from end to end, the viaduct has 14 towers that span 12 meters along with a double tower 24 meters long. It is located near Naung Cho village, which can be reached by 2 hr drive from Pyin Oo Lwin .The railway leads to a tunnel inside the mountain. The train moves walking speed across the bridge. The engineer goes as slowly as possible to avoid the rocking motion that will further damage the bridge and possibly plunge the train into the river below. The slow, high passage gives opportunities for photos and if you make the crossing yourself, don’t put away the camera afterward. The north bound train likely will be crossing immediately afterward, giving photographers a chance to catch a shot of a train on the bridge.

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