Ngwe Saung Beach

The beach stretches for several kilometers and Ngwe Saung village can be found toward the northern end, it has a host of places that serve a variety of fantastic seafood dishes including crab, shrimp, lobster, and various type of fish. The walk to the village from some of the hotels at the southern end of the main beach can take up to an hour – although it is worth it not only for the food, but also to catch the sun setting over the Bay of Bengal.

For something a bit different in Ngwe Saung, Ume café is a should try restaurant with inviting spot that serves good food and fire dancing show every evening around 7:30 pm. It is located on the road south of Ngwe Saung village on a hill opposite of Silver view resort.

During the day you can walk to the small island called Lover Island, towards the southern end of Ngwe Saung beach which is accessible by foot when the tide is out. It offers panoramic view of the beach and out to sea from its summit. You can also hire a boat to some islands that lie a few kilometers offshore, where can snorkel and hill hike.

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