Travel to this part of Myanmar and you will discover beautiful Kayah hill scenery and a large number of distinctive tribal culture, the most internationally famous of which are Kayan, whose “long-necked” womenfolk have a tradition of sporting coils around their necks. Sometimes called Padaung, their long-neck tradition is in fact gradually dying out, generally only elder women in some rural areas wear the rings.  

There are various options to visit tribal villages in the area around Loikaw, some lakes to the south of village, higher into the hills is the Kayan Village of Pan Pet which offers opportunity for scenic hikes and chances to meet the local villagers including the long-neck women.

Kyet Cave, located 15 km east of Loikaw on the road to Shadaw, makes for an interesting trip.  The cave is reached in 30 minutes by car from Loikaw on a good road. It was surveyed to a length of 2.2 km and is the 3rd longest cave of Myanmar. The entrance area is developed as a pilgrim site by the local monk who discovered the cave in 2011. A staircase leads to the entrance hall followed by a paved path for the first hundred meters of passage. Many strangely long wood coffins are distributed on the floor after 200 m along the passage. The visitor parts end after 400 m in a muddy hall.  Here an upper passage with pristine dripstone formations continues for 300 m into the mountain while a lower active part is dominated by a stream.

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