Why getaways are so important for your mental health?

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In this fast moving modern age, taking a vacation once in awhile is so essential & beneficial for your health, as it helps you lower your stress, the rate of your anxiety, gives you refreshing new ideas. It also aids you see things in a different perspective. It may even give you motivations to achieve goals that you have set for yourself, get inspired, improves productivity and so on. Even knowing that, we are hesitant to leave our daily routine, as we are scared to miss out on whatever is happening with work, with family & friends, but then again, we can catch up on all of those later! Due to the fact that everything goes in such fast pace nowadays, we often forgets that breaks are necessities, & not luxury.  

In contrast, some of us are dying to go on vacations, but don’t have enough time off to plan a vacation, then here’s the news for you. Holidays do not have to be weeks long. Even a short weekend getaway makes a difference. One night, two days breaks are more than enough, but of course for that you have to pick the place wisely, or else you will end up spending all of your time on transportation.

So, just pack your bags and go somewhere close by, yet that can give you a complete different vibe from where you reside.  Because after all, we all really only live once, and experiences and memories are all that matters in the end.