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It’s always frustrating for us over packers to fit in our options in a limited space. Don’t get me wrong, I feel you…. I would want to take my entire closet too even if I am travelling for 3 days or a week. I just need to be prepared for unplanned occasions, like what if it rains and I need to change 3 times a day? What if I buy a new dress and the bag that I packed does not go with it? I need to have heels and slippers too! So yeah, as a professional over packer who travels A LOT, I have gathered some tips and tricks over the years…


1.    Heavy clothes or bags use them on the travelling date.

Hoodies, trainers… These are light, but so big to pack in the suitcase. So, why not wear them on the travelling date since they will be comfortable for you to travel in anyways?


2.    Roll your clothes

It does not seem like it, but rolling your clothes is a game changer. First off, your clothes does not crease or wrinkle much anymore, and it takes so much less space. Bonus point, your luggage looks so much neater as well!


3.    Make use of the rooms in the extra bags you take

If you are someone like me, even if you travel for 3 days, you want to have at least two bags to switch and use. So, when you are packing the bags, make sure you put stuffs in it. This way, your bag keeps its shape and save room. Example: electronics, chargers, accessories.


4.    Undergarments in a dust bag

Stack your bras, and put your undies under the cup space at the bottom. Pack them in a dust bag, fold it and keep it in the otherside of your lugguage.


5.    Showercaps for shoes

Put your shoes in a showercap (can fit up to 2 pairs depanding of the size) instead of shoe boxes. Make sure you keep the shoes on the otherside of the luggage.


6.    Cosmetics/toiletries/skincare

We all know these takes up the most room in the luggage. It’s not easy,but please try saving up minis/travel sizes. They are life savers. If you are a frequent traveller, have a separate toiletries bag for your travel uses only. It saves so much from “OH I forgot my tooth brush, no shampoo” issues.

If you don’t have minis, please carry the all in ones. For example a palette that has eye shadows, blushers, or just take ur blusher and highligher and use them as eye shadows! Restrict yourself to one red, nude and other color of your choice lipstick. It’s hard but if you are going on a vacation or something, you are buying new ones anyways 😛


7.    Always use a medium sized luggage

Unless you have to carry it all the time on your own, please please please use a medium sized luggage. It fits more, and since you are an overpacker, your luggage is already full in the first place and you will forsure buy more stuffs when you are travelling. Instead of having to carry 2 or 3 bags, it’s always nice to put everything in one suitcase and not forget the smaller bags at the airports or bus stations.


8.    Have a zip up tote bag packed with you

Incase you buy a lot, and it exceeds your permitted kilos, take your shoes, extra bags, and some old clothes to your tote bag, and carry it on flight with you. This way, it does not take up much space when you pack in the first place, and it saves you so much money and from stressing out if you have overshopped.